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Wallach Carnival Red 1967 Tiger MK2 B3821000356LRXFE TAC#820

The Wallach MK2 was found in southern Colorado and was a one owner Tiger. The rust-free high plains MK2 was complete and retained original numbers matching 289 Ford V8 engine, toploader wide-ratio transmission, and Salsbury rear differential. Short of a poor exterior respray and 4 barrel carburetion, the Tiger was well maintained and completely original, including interior upholstery, carpeting, and dash (Note: original intake and carburetor had been stored in the trunk). Speedometor had been rebuilt and the odometer showed 847 miles. Actual mileage is unknown but all wear evidence points to a nice low mileage "barn find".

B3821000356LRXFE enjoyed a complete rottisserie restoration and currently resides in sunny Florida. Retainment of original factory presentation and specifications themed the entire restoration process.

MK2 in Colorado. Complete, rust free, and 95% original.

Dismantling MK2 in preparation for rotisserie restoration process.

Interior removal shows a nice solid hull.

Solid rear trunk after fuel system/spare tire/toolkit removal.

Mechanical stripping of exterior paint.

Red Oxide primer is proper over bare metal.

Front and rear suspensions removed.

Upside down cat ready for unibody/chassis strip.

Undercoating stripped to factory red oxide.

Fresh red oxide primer on cat's belly looks great.

Red Oxide on floorpan and trunk.

Seam Sealer over Red Oxide completed on belly.

Paintable Rubberized Undercoating covered with primer/sealer.

Finished with Dupont Carnival Red Catylized Centari Enamel.

Floorpan with seam sealer then rubberized undercoating.

Floorpan covered with primer/sealer and ready for red.

Floorpan and trunk finished in Carnival Red Enamel.

Engine compartment finished in Carnival Red. Body ready for final prep.

Front suspension disassembled, meda blasted with tower reinforcments.

Media blasted rebuilt suspension a-arms with new bushings.

Wishbone and suspension parts ready for assembly.

Rear Suspension and rear differential ready (upside down).

Rear and front suspension both rebuilt and installed in MK2.

Mk2 ready for wheels and tires. Final fit of doors, bonnet and trunk lid to follow.

Doors stripped, refinished in Carnival Red.

Hood stipped to bare metal. Nice, solid, straight.

Inside of hood finished in red and mounted on MK2.

MK2 carefully masked and ready for exterior final paint.

CAREFUL-WET PAINT. Starting to look like a Tiger again.

289 Ford V8 and Toploader transmission looks a bit tired.

Original 289 Rebuilt. Balanced, windage tray, double roller timing chain.

Toploader 4 speed transmission gear set with new bearingsand syncros.

Transmission assembly complete and ready with updated Hurst Shifter.

Slow motion worker. Good help is getting hard to come by!

Bell housing installed with factory "OK" in yellow. Ready for installation

Shoehorn installation of Ford 289 V8 and Transmission!

Engine/Transmission installed. More fun to follow.

Installation of radiator/shroud, oil filter/cooler system, carburetor/air cleaner.

Beautiful original MK2 harness with blue tape. Wiring installation.

Wiring at Ford alternator with factory original bracket. Having fun now!

Stock pedal arrangement. Brake and clutch master cylinders.

Distributor, wires, heater core plumbing installed. Stock Ford 2100 2-barrel carburetor.

Engine components nearing completion. Stainless exhaust system.

Beautiful Stainless muffler sizing correct. Wanting to hear MK2 purr.

Fuel pump installation with proper routing and oem filter.

Polished fuel line routing with driveline installed. Starting to look like a real toy.

Fuel tank installation and battary installation.

Finished trunk arrangement with proper tank covers and hinged new platform assembly.

Trunk lid refinished and installed. Unique MK2 grill.

MK2 proper stripes.Lights and re-chromed brightwork looking great.

Rebuilt front caliper and new rear brake components installed.

New Dash with rebuilt guages, switches, heater control, etc.

Engine running for the first time and return from maiden voyage.

Start of upholstery installation. Rear deck panels.

Tedious work but very rewarding. Passenger heat sheild and e-brake assembly.

Complete with center console. Sunbeam Specialities supplies quality kits.

Rear deck upholstery complete. Original seat before dis-assembly.

Seat assembly with nice frame, new suspension and foam.

Long hours process shows finished pair of seats installed. Whew!

Original seat belts in fantastic condition with Mopar sewn tags.

Door glass installation with renewed upper/lower door panels.

Restored soft top frame installation.

Soft installation continues with new Robbins kit. Nice installation!

Restored rear view mirror with fresh top up and nice front clamps.

Trunk complete with original tool kit, jack/handle and proper voltage regulator.

Tonneau, Talbot mirror installed. Show Ready for shipment to Sunny Florida.



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